Learn the Art of Bulk Buying

Learn the Art of Bulk Buying

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There are so many advantages to buying products in bulk, saving money in the long run is one of the biggest advantages. You can save money on the actual product itself and the transport fare/petrol cost required for going to the shops to make the purchases. Not to mention the time you will save; as we all know time is money!

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Price and Practicality

The thing to bear in mind when stocking up is to ensure you are paying a good price therefore saving money. Look out for the following signs:

Buy one get one free!
Buy 2 get 1 free!
3 for the price of 2!
50% extra free!

And of course those wonderful red clearance stickers.

Toiletries are easy to store and rarely have an immediate use by date.

Maybe take a calculator and notepad or better still do your research online before you go shopping. Remember to compare prices in different stores.

Assess your storage space. Check whether you have enough room to store your products. The last thing you want to do is clutter your home.

Perhaps buy enough products for a couple of months as a trial and see if you are indeed saving money. The bulk buying method might not work for everyone, you will probably need to invest a bit of money in the beginning.

Household Products

The great thing about household products is that they do not perish like certain fresh food products, this certainly makes storage much more easier. Some ideas for products you can stock up on include cleaning products, air fresheners and even kitchen products such as foil and cling film.

A few examples.

It is advised to read the storage instructions for these products, such as bleach and aerosols. Generally a cool, dry place away from sunlight is sufficient. You could even buy some storage boxes. If you have small children keep the products in a place they will not go 'exploring'.

Always store upright.


Why spend over $1 everyday on a bottle of water. Buying a multi-pack is so much better and you even get offers on these multi-packs.

Multipacks consisting of 6 bottles each, 500ml.


Cans and bottles of soft drinks can be purchased in large multi-packs. The price for these products works out better then getting individual items.

For example, if everyone in your family eats lunch at work/school, a lot of money can be saved by taking a drink from home. The cafeteria or vending machine will always amount to a higher price by the end of the week.

Bulking up on juice drinks works best with long life drinks (where no refrigeration is required until after opening).

Freezing Products

An idea may be to invest in a freezer specifically for bulking up on goods. Prices for many products in the supermarkets are reduced towards the end of the day, such as vegetables and bread. Bread can be frozen and taken out the night before to defrost. Read the packages for the correct freezing guidelines.

I often find herbs on offer in supermarkets, reduced to 10 cents from $1! The trick is to wash them the same day and allow them to fully dry. Transfer them to a freezer bag and label them with the date.

Most margarine and butter brands are suitable for freezing

Other Food Products

Other food products suitable for bulk buying include tinned food, oil, rice, crisps, pasta and even cereal boxes. The list really is endless, the key is to check storage instructions and use by dates.

Warning; if bulk buying lunchbox food results in snacking too much, stick to bulk buying of household products only.

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