How To Save Money On Gifts

How To Save Money On Gifts

Posted 2013-06-25 by Joyfollow

Living in a civilised world and being a social being means that our yearly calendar is dotted with events and celebrations of all sorts and kinds. There are the birthdays, anniversaries, dinner invites, house warming parties, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, Valentine’s day, the list goes on. Often we are left at our wit’s end trying to buy gifts for all occasions, with the wallet suffering numerous necessary yet miserable blows. This article is a guide to discovering ways of spending less money on gifts without discounting on the element of love and affection.

1. Sale – Nowadays, retail industry hosts sales all year round. There are often sales to be found to mark all the special events including End of Financial Year and End of Gregorian calendar year sales. You can stock up on your gifts during these sales in order to enjoy hefty discounts on a wide assortment of items.


2. Art of regifting - Learn to acquire the art of regifting or regiving. Your unwanted item can actually bring much joy to another. That redundant mixer or that unsightly portrait can actually be the apple of the eye for another person. Be mindful of the preferences of the person the gift is intended for as well as the occasion in question, before considering an act of regifting or regiving. Always follow some basic rules like the item to be regifted is new, unused and has not been lying around in your closest for years. Remember, you are the best person to determine whether regifting is the appropriate thing to do in a given situation.

3. Handmade creations – Make your own gifts. This is an excellent way to save money on gifts while adding a delightful personal touch to the gift. This is a heartfelt gift and will woo the recipient anytime. You can make or create anything, anything you think you are capable of. You could consider baking a cake, cookies or brownies or you could weave a scarf or make jewelleries or make toys. Look around the world wide web for ideas for making gifts. The options are endless.

Make a pudding

Make sushi

4. Volunteer your service – You could opt for volunteering your service as a nice gift. Volunteer to housesit for them for a period of time, clean their house for them, clean their car for them or babysit their kids while they go away for a special occasion. Your time and care can make great gifts.


Remember that gifts speak volumes about your tastes and preferences. Also, gifts do not need to be pricey and exquisite to qualify as enchanting gifts. So stop, pause and reflect before you decide on any of the above gift ideas.



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