Money Savings Tips for Dummies Part 2

Money Savings Tips for Dummies Part 2

Posted 2013-08-11 by Joyfollow
Image by Donvip via Wikimedia Commons

Here are some more tips on saving money in every path of your life.

1. Close the curtains on windows to help retain the heat in the house.

2. Time limit your shower time by setting an alarm clock in order to save money on your energy bills.

3. Do not buy tickets to festivals. Consider volunteering at various festivals to get free access to these festivals.

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4. Avoid or reduce the consumption of alcohol.

5. Give up or limit smoking.

6. While cooking keep the lid on the pan to avoid heat escaping.

7. Reduce grooming costs by decreasing the frequency of haircuts, facials, manicures and pedicures.

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8. Simply your beauty regime by acquiring only the basic necessities like shampoo, conditions, moisturiser etc.

9. Use group messaging apps like WhatsApp to connect with friends to take advantage of free messaging facilities.

10. Be mindful of the fact that money is work. Before parting from your hard-earned cash for any kind of purchase, quickly do a mental calculation as to how many minutes/hours/days you would have to work to pay for that item.

11. While booking flights endeavour to book round-trip flight tickets since they are usually cheaper than a one-way ticket to the same destination.

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12. Switch to prepaid or sim only phone contracts to harness your mounting phone bills.

13. Use Skype, Facebook chat including video chat and other online chatting forums to stay in touch with remote friends and relatives, instead of long distance phone calls.

14. Refill your handwash containers instead of buying a complete new one each time.

15. Turn off the engine of your car if you have to wait for more than 30 seconds.

16. Avoid bottled water like plague. Invest in a BPA free water bottle and fill your bottle at home.

17. Make your clothes last longer. Turn clothes inside out before chucking them into a washing machine and before hanging them outside for drying.

18. Keep tab on wasted food and apply this knowledge while undertaking future purchases.

19. Instead of getting rid of unwanted items consider selling them in local markets, ebay, gumtree and so forth.

Image by Anneli Salo via Wikimedia Commons

20. Use energy saving light bulbs to lower your energy bills on a regular basis.



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