Top 17 Ways to Save Money This Year

Top 17 Ways to Save Money This Year

Posted 2013-08-13 by Joyfollow
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Here are some top tips to save money this year. Achieve your dreams by saving some extra bucks by adhering to the following tips.

1. When buying a car, look out for reliability and fuel efficiency.

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2. Cancel all unused club memberships e.g. gym, book clubs, martial arts.

3. Turn off lights in unused rooms.

4. While using oven, try to bake or roast in multiple batches at the same time in order to harness electricity and gas bills.

5. If you have multiple bank accounts then consider consolidating them into one bank account to save on account keeping fees and enjoy greater interests.

6. Reduce the number of credit cards or if possible cancel your credit card and endeavour to do all your shopping by utilising your debit card.

7. Buy snacks for work in bulk from supermarkets. The presence of a wide array of tasty treats at work will shield you from forking out money for expensive snacks from convenience stores and cafes.

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8. Avoid impulse buys. Before making any purchases, ask yourself whether you need the item or you simple want it. If you do not need it then do not buy it.

9. Repair items before replacing them to save some extra bucks.

10. Have a drink at home before stepping inside a bar or club. While dining out, consider bringing your own alcoholic beverages if the restaurant allows BYO.

11. Switch off heating in rooms you are not using.

12. Consider developing the habit of regifting to save money on buying gifts.

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13. Check your insurances to verify whether some of them overlap.

14. Pay your bills on time to avoid paying any form of penalties. Further, paying bills before the due date can earn you discounts from service provider.

15. When the interest rates are low, shop around and consider refinancing your house to lock in lower interest rates.

16. Go on vacations off-season when hotels and flights offer cheaper deals.

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17. While doing grocery shopping, try to buy in bulk to make hefty savings. However, this rule does not apply to perishables like dairy products.



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