Unusual Ways to Save Money

Unusual Ways to Save Money

Posted 2013-08-13 by Joyfollow
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There are many unusual ways to save money. Read on to find out more.

1. If you are making group bookings for an event or dinner, ask for group discounts.

2. Keep an eye out for various bank fees. Make a habit of dodging all sorts of fees like account keeping fees, ATM fees, late fees and so forth.

3. Use free softwares like Open Office to avoid buying expensive softwares.

4. Ditch your newspaper subscriptions and switch to free online versions of newspapers.

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5. Avoid buying games for phones. There is a wide range of free games available in the app stores. Download them for free and start playing.

6. Get your haircuts at hair institutes where student hairdressers cut hair under the supervision of teachers at a highly discounted price.

7. Swap expensive habits like smoking and gambling for cheerful and cheap hobbies like blogging, gardening, cooking or reading.

8. Before going on a road trip, pack your snacks and lunches at home. Roadside convenience stores charge way more than normal supermarkets and malls.

9. Exchange luxury times in the bathtub for short showers to save on your water bills.

10. When electrical appliances are not in use, unplug the cables at the powerpoint instead of leaving them in standby mode.

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11. Opt for water instead of coke or any other fancy drinks. Not only is this approach more wallet-friendly but is also a healthy way of sating your thirst.

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12. Cull the habit of buying new electronic gadgets regularly. If yours still works then continue to use it. This attitude will save money as well contribute towards a reduction (even in a small way) in the electronic waste dumped on third world countries. Being economical can also make you more eco-friendly.

13. Pay bills online to save time, energy and fuel costs on making trips to the post office to make payments.

14. Be perceptive while deciding upon your phone plans as well as the data plan, be reasonable and savvy. There is no need to get a costly phone plan with 2GB data if you do not frequently use these benefits.

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