Top Money Saving Tips For Winter

Top Money Saving Tips For Winter

Posted 2013-06-13 by Joyfollow

Winter is cold, freezing and expensive. The extra dollars that need to be spent to acquire some of the basic necessities like doonas, blankets, warm clothes, heaters etc will certainly leave many people with an empty wallet. To assist you in managing your finances in a more efficient way, I have compiled a list of some fabulous money saving tips for winter.

1. Use heater to heat up the house and before going to bed turn off the heater. The heated up house should retain the heat for a long period of time. Tuck into some warm blanket and enjoy a warm, comfy sleep. Save hundreds of bucks in gas and electricity bills by following this simple trick.

Turn off the heater once the house has heated up

2. An easy and cheap method of drying your wet clothes is to spread them out in front of your heater. The heat from the heater will warm up your house as well as dry out your clothes. This is an excellent alternative to dryers. However, make sure that the wet clothes are not dripping wet and therefore, will not make the floor or carpet wet.

3. Retain the heat from the heater by ensuring that all the doors and windows are tightly shut. As an extra measure, consider hanging curtains especially thermal curtains from the windows to insulate the house. Tailored curtains can be obtained for a cheap price from reject shops and even Kmart. You can also invest in warm clothes, procured from Op shops which will result in quite a considerable amount of savings.

4. Put on layers of clothes to remain warm throughout the day. Flannelette clothing are wonderful in keeping our bodies warm. You can get flannelette pajama sets for $10-$15 in Kmart.

5. While heating up the house, only heat up the rooms that are in use. The rooms that are not used often should be shut firmly. This will again lead to significant savings in your electricity and gas bills.

6. Ensure that your clothes are warm whenever you are out and about. Check and double check that the jackets have working zippers and covers your chest properly. This simple measure can substantially reduce probabilities of getting cold and flu therefore, saving money on medications.

7. Start your day or end it with a teaspoon of pure honey. Chew on the honey as it slowly trickles down your throat, annihilating all the bacteria and germs. A teaspoon of honey a day will keep winter related illnesses at bay. This will not only protect your health but will also save your wallet from doling out cash for medication.

Wonderful honey

8. Instead of reaching out for a barista made coffee to warm yourself up in the freezing months of winter, opt for home-made or instant coffee. Everytime you experience an urge for a hot drink try to turn your mind towards instant or home made tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc. With $3.50 for every small coffee or hot chocolate you purchase, you could be saving $2,555 ($3.50x 1 coffee/hot chocolate per dayx 365 days) per year if you bring your own.

Moccona coffee

Robert Timms coffee



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