Save Money On Textbooks

Save Money On Textbooks

Posted 2013-03-04 by Joyfollow

As a former student, I am fully aware of the huge expenses associated with obtaining textbooks. The following is a compilation of some handy tips to make savings on textbooks.

1. Libraries

Why buy textbooks if you can borrow it from your library? Local libraries along with school and university libraries offer a wide range of textbooks for free. You could also speak to family and friends to access free textbooks. Taking advantage of these free options can help you in making significant savings on purchasing textbooks.

2. Purchase the necessary ones

Usually, not all textbooks recommended by the university require purchases. Speak to your teacher or lecturer, friends and fellow students to assess the absolute essentials before you make the ultimate decision to buy the recommended textbooks.

3. Exchange books

You can actually exchange textbooks with other students without having to purchase books. Advertising on boards in student cafes and various websites while spreading the word can assist you in getting rid of redundant or no longer necessary textbooks for the ones you really need. One book for another book without spending a penny.

Textbookexchange is a fabulous website to exchange Australian university and TAFE second hand textbooks with like-minded students. This website allows you to both buy and sell second hand textbooks.

4. Rent books

You can choose to rent books instead of buying them. Friends, family and other students may not be willing to part ways with their books but could be more than happy to allow you to rent their books for a trivial fee or sometimes for free.

5. Online shopping

Websites like Amazon and Gumtree can be of great assistance in finding textbooks at a cheaper price. Further, you may be able to seek out eBooks which are usually more inexpensive than paperbacks (you can also find eBooks for free). EBooks can be easily accessed and downloaded. However, on the flip side of the coin you will not be able to resell your ebook nor can you loan it out.

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