How To Earn Some Extra Cash

How To Earn Some Extra Cash

Posted 2013-06-13 by Joyfollow

Here is a guide to some simple and easy ways to earn some extra money and boost your finances. Enjoy.

1. Freelance writing – If you have a knack for words then you could consider trying freelance writing. Freelance writing may not make you rich but can earn some nifty pocket money and more, depending on how successful you become. You can consider writing for websites like Weekendnotes and get paid for anyone who reads your articles. You could even get invites to various restaurants and events and enjoy freebies like free food, massages and shows in return for an article covering the experience. Flexibility to write when and where you wish are the hallmarks of freelance writing. You can also consider blogging however, this avenue requires much patience and commitment and should not be undertaken unless you are willing to persevere until the blogging websites take off.


2. Get a second job – The obvious way of earning some extra cash is by acquiring a second job. You could work for the local restaurants or local shops on night shifts or weekend shifts. Not only will you score some extra money but can also enjoy freebies like free and discounted food and newspaper subscriptions. The downside of having multiple jobs is that you could be taxed highly on your second source of income.

3. Babysitting – Babysitting is another good source of income provided that you have confidence that you can handle babies and children. While taxing on your level of composure and patience, babysitting can be quite rewarding. Along with a nifty sum of money, you can score some free food and some friends (those babies and children). Asking around and word of mouth as well websites like Gumtree are some of the excellent sources of information for getting babysitting work.


4. Housesitting – You could actually earn some dough by sitting house for other people. This is by no means a regular source of income. However, you will find that some people are willing to pay cool cash for looking after their house as they explore and experience some exquisite holiday destinations. Again, word of mouth and websites like Gumtree can be great aids in finding housesitting work. Along with money, you can also enjoy free food and entertainment.

Housesitting ads in Gumtree

5. Market research groups – Believe it or not, but you could actually bag some cash for just having an opinion on varied range of things. Market research groups are held by various companies as a cheap means of gauging public reaction to a new product or service. You can get paid $70-$150 for sitting around a desk, munching on some free snacks and giving your opinion on a certain product or service. These groups are held all around Melbourne and can range from 1 hour to 3.5 hours. If you find this tip appealing then feel free to register yourself with some of the accredited market research groups by visiting this website . As a rule of thumb, always check registration of various market research companies by going here .



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