11 Ways To Save Money Everyday

11 Ways To Save Money Everyday

Posted 2013-03-29 by Joyfollow
This article is a compilation of 11 great ways to save money every day of your life. Read on to find out more.

1. Pay off your credit card balance as soon as possible. This way you avoid paying hefty interests which can save you up to thousands of dollars in any given year.

2. Harness temptation and avoid purchasing anything from vending machines. A small chocolate bar can cost you $3 in a vending machine while you can actually procure a whole bag of the same chocolates from the supermarkets for $3-$4.

3. Try to buy your perishables in bulk. Buying in bulk is not only cost-effective but also ensures that chances of running out of daily essentials, like toilet tissue paper, are diminished.

4. Opt for public transport or rely on your beautiful and strong legs while commuting, a great form of exercise. Public transport is not cheap but in most instances is significantly lower than the cost of maintaining a car. Further, consider exploring other options like car pool to reduce your transport costs.

5. Eradicate account keeping by choosing bank accounts with no account keeping fees. Also, endeavouring to withdraw money from ATMs of your bank instead of another bank’s ATM will save you at least $2 banking fee per transaction.

6. Open the windows and prolong the usage of free sunlight, this will substantially reduce your energy bills.

7. Try free samples from online and offline sources to enjoy free food, paint, makeup, DVDs and so forth.

8. Bring your own food to office and night outs to avoid paying for expensive meals in restaurants and cafes.

9. Use coupons and discounts to save on grocery bills. Coupons and discounts can be found on various websites, company catalogues (e.g. Coles catalogues), receipts from Coles and Safeway, loyalty cards (e.g. Flybuys and Everyday Rewards cards), so on.

10. Set up an automated savings plan. The beauty of this strategy is that money will get transferred into a nominated savings account without you even noticing it. You could set up something as nominal as an automatic transfer of $5 every Monday from your everyday account to a savings account. Even before you realise it, you would have an extra $20 every month in your savings account.

11. Keep money in a high interest earning savings account. Shop around, browse various online and offline places and take advantage of word of mouth in order to find a suitable high- interest earning account with no account keeping fee. Embark on your journey by first paying a visit to Ubank.



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