Money Savings Tips for Dummies

Money Savings Tips for Dummies

Posted 2013-08-11 by Joyfollow

Here are some handy tips in saving money in every aspect of your life.

1. Be creative and cook dinner at home. The sky is your limit. Dash to the supermarkets or local farmer’s market and cherry pick all the ingredients. Unleash your inner masterchef and cook up wonders. Not only will this predilection for homemade food will save you money but will also allow you to have a healthy and flavoursome meal.

2. Shower at work or gym to avoid showering at home to save money on your expenses.

3. Watch telly in your gym in order to reduce your energy bills.

4. Run the washing machine and/or the dryer early morning or late at night in order to take advantage of the lower off peak hour rates.

5. Create a ‘no-spend-zone’. In other words, set a day of the week as a no spending day. For example, every Monday you will not spend a single penny.

6. Set the screen brightness of your mobile phone to a usable minimum in order to save power and thus battery.

7. When shopping for groceries, use a basket not a trolley. Having to carry your shopping and having limited space to place the extra shopping will discourage you from buying those unnecessary items.

8. Consider selling your house in the winter months. Traditionally property market is much quieter in winter therefore, real estate agents might be more flexible on fees.

9. Think of bartering with friends. For example, swap a massage for accounting assistance.

10. Reduce usage of paper towels by reaching out for old rags or tea towels.

11. Attempt to bundle your cable, internet and telephone service since this is an excellent way to reduce your bills.

12. Visit local farmer’s markets as opposed to supermarkets to bag amazing bargains on your grocery shopping. Have a read of How to Get a Bargain in Melbourne Farmer’s Markets .

Image by Sgerbic via Wikimedia Commons

13. Put any loose change in a jar, money box or piggy bank. Instead of being spent on any unnecessary items these loose change should be stashed away to pay for a nice car or a holiday later on.



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