How To Save Money On Lunch

How To Save Money On Lunch

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Lunch is a crucial meal of the day. After a busy morning at work or a wonderful day out, a delicious and hearty lunch brings delight to not only our tummy but also our heart. However, many of us succumb to the temptation of having delightful and expensive lunches which over a period of several months and years do substantial damage to our budgets and finances.

Then how can we enjoy a scrumptious lunch without burning a hole in our pocket? Here are some handy tips and tricks to save money on your lunch.

1. Bring Your Own (BYO)

The most obvious and effective way of saving money on lunch is to bring your own lunch to work or to day outs. Since you will be sourcing the ingredients you can regulate your expense therefore, making your homemade lunch cheap, reasonably-priced, or more decadent. Further, you can maintain your health by procuring fresh and healthy ingredients while introducing variety into your daily lunch options. Additionally, unlike the restaurant or takeaway lunch your homemade lunch will be free of harmful preservatives, MSG and other detrimental elements.

It is time to invest in a dainty, spacious, durable, microwave and dishwasher compatible, and easily washable lunch box.

2. Seek out cheap venues for lunch

If you must lunch outside, seeking out cheap venues can be an alternative. Places like Subway and various Asian restaurants, such as sushi, will guarantee a hearty lunch for $5-$10. While you are at it, go for a walk, explore the various laneways, and engage your energy and investigative skill in discovering hidden gems that may offer cheap yet healthy lunches within your budget.

3. Set a budget when buying lunch

When you are buying lunch, it is imperative to set a budget and maintain a resolution to never exceed your budget. With a horde of restaurants offering a wide array of delectable and tantalising options, it is very easy to walk into the trap of going over your budget while make your selection for lunch. A simple trick can be to go out with the exact amount of money you are willing to commit to lunch. For example, if you venture out with only $5, you will be compelled to settle on a lunch worth $5 or less.

4. Take advantage of freebies

Occasionally, you can score free lunches by keeping tab on various freebies sites like Ozbargain. Another way of enjoying a free lunch is by joining loyalty programs. To give you some perspective, by becoming a member of the Subway Eat Fresh Club you can score a free subway and a drink on your birthday, or by registering as a member of the Sumo Society you can enjoy a free Sumo salad on your birthday. A quick Google search will reveal more options for enjoying free lunches.

The above compilation is in no way intended to preclude you from enjoying occasional lip-smacking lunch from restaurants and takeaway places. By all means, eat out from time to time, but remember to adhere to your monthly or yearly budgets.

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