How To Save Money On Dinners

How To Save Money On Dinners

Posted 2013-02-22 by Joyfollow

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I delight myself in exploring and experiencing diverse culinary creations and restaurants. But acquiring a habit of frequent eating out can be quite cumbersome on the unfortunate wallet. The trick is to find ways of not giving up on the wonderful gastronomic journeys and yet make it manageable by the wallet. Read on to find out how.

1. Entertainment Book

I discovered this gem of a thing through a dear friend and have fallen in love ever since. The Entertainment Book is a gold mine of discounts and special deals. The book provides refuge to an amazing and wide array of pages and pages of meal vouchers, hotel deals and much more. Whether you want to dine at the Tramcar Restaurant or revel in the exquisiteness of the Melba Restaurant , the Entertainment Book has got your covered.

Ranging from 2 for 1 deals to 25%-30% off entire bills, the Entertainment Book makes dining at the finest restaurants quite affordable. You also get to enjoy hordes of discounts at low key eateries, fast food joints and local cafes. There are enticing hotel and resort deals gaining you cheap access to a number of hotels around Australia. Movies, theatres, zoos, aquariums and various tourist destinations are also covered by this fabulous book. You could even take advantage of some lucrative offers on glam magazines. All these for only $60, delivery included for an extra $15.

Entertainment Books can be found for all the major cities of Australia and can be procured from any charitable organisation such as Cancer Council . They are valid for one year, so you would need to get an updated version every year.

2. Specials and Discounts

Often restaurants sponsor specials or discounted meals on given days of the week. To give you some perspective, Omah’s Malaysian Restaurant in Hawthorn hosts ‘Crab Mondays’ which includes a crab omelette, a whole mud crab and a dessert, a delicious meal for two for only $45. This is superb given the fact that usually a mud crab costs $46 each.

Another good example is Red Spice Road offering special dinner deals between 5pm and 7pm on weekdays. Visit the restaurants personally, browse their websites, take on board ‘word of mouth’, and you will astounded by the number of great offers and deals you will learn about. Great dinners, without breaking your bank.

3. Competitions

Competitions are hit and miss yet free ways of scoring some great meal deals. Some restaurants organise competitions where the grand prize is usually a meal for two. For instance, the Melba Restaurant sometimes holds such competitions on their Facebook page.

These competitions often involve submitting an entry for anywhere between 25-50 words and can be entered by all. A wonderful way to enjoy some terrific dinners. Competitions involve lots of luck, some intelligence and constant vigilance but are indubitably fabulous ways of sampling great food and exotic restaurants.

There you go. Three fantastic ways to enjoy lovely dinners without going bankrupt.

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