9 Tips To Save Money On Water Bills

9 Tips To Save Money On Water Bills

Posted 2013-03-04 by Joyfollow

Water bills are a cause for concern for many. The huge service charge added onto the water bill by the service providers often makes the bills more expensive. Being aware of your water usage and implementing some handy tips are excellent ways of slashing your water bill. The following is a compilation of some tips and tricks to harness the humongous water bills.

1. Fix leaky taps at the very onset. This should be high on your list if you are considering curtailing your water bills. A leaky tap can lead to wastage of thousands of litres of water in a given year. So if you have a leaky tap, call the plumber as soon as practicable.

2. Replace your standard or old shower head in the shower with an efficient shower head. Efficient shower heads can be obtained for free if you are located in Victoria, Australia. A quick Google search will bring up all the agencies who are offering free efficient shower heads, supported and subsidised by the Victorian government. Efficient shower heads can actually reduce your water bill by half.

3. Reducing shower time can be a highly effective way of slashing the water bill. Couple of minutes of reduction of shower time is barely noticeable but can save you litres of water.

4. Opt for a shower instead of taking a bath to drastically reduce your water bill. It takes 132 litres of water to fill up an average bathtub. A predilection for a 5 minutes shower using an efficient shower head could save you around 87 litres of water every time you scrub up.

5. If using a dishwasher or washing machine, try to fill them up as much as you can in order to wash everything in one go. Washing full loads will not only save water but will ensure the durability of your precious white goods.

6. While brushing teeth, make a point of turning off the tap to preserve our invaluable resources.

7. If washing dishes in the kitchen sink, try to use a thin stream of tap water instead of a full gush.

8. Reducing your car wash times and frequencies is another fantastic way of saving money on water bills.

9. If you have a green thumb then it may be wise to select drought resistant plants which do not require frequent watering therefore, contributing towards reducing you water bills.

Save money on your water bills and preserve our precious resources.

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