11 More Ways To Save Money Everyday

11 More Ways To Save Money Everyday

Posted 2013-04-08 by Joyfollow

This article brings to you another 11 great ways to save money everyday and in every walk of your life. Have fun reading.

1. Make, get or download a budget planner. A budget planner can aid you in calculating all your income, expenses and will also give you a tally of any shortfall or extras. A budget will also lend a helping hand in tracking all your expenses. Have a look at various websites for a suitable budget planner. MoneySmart website operated by Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) provides a fabulous BudgetPlanner which is very comprehensive and can be downloaded to be amended as per your personal needs.

2. Once you make a budget, stick to it! A commitment to adhering to your budget is imperative in being successful in making great savings on your everyday expenses.

3. Use the library to borrow books, magazines and DVDs. This will save your thousands of dollars on subscriptions.

4. Cancel your Foxtel subscription and reward yourself with visual entertainment through doing DVD swaps with family, friends and colleagues, borrowing from libraries, and paying visits to op shops.

5. Use fluorescent light bulbs as opposed to halogen bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs usually have a cooler light, lasts longer and are highly energy efficient therefore, reducing your energy bill as well as replacement costs.

6. Turn off unused appliances to make savings on energy bills.

7. While shopping, show a predilection for generic brands or home brands to enjoy significant cuts in grocery bills.

8. Invest in a sewing machine. This will ensure that you can trim your own jeans or fix snags on your skirts or dresses without having to go for expensive alternations shops or throwing away items that can be easily renewed with the assistance of a sewing machine.

9. Reuse shopping bags to carry various items like lunchboxes, folders, so forth. Plastic bags can also serve the purpose of free trash bags.

10. Actively search out deals. Shop around, bargain and negotiate lucrative deals when choosing telephone, internet and various other service providers.

11. Take care of your possessions. This includes doing things such as cleaning the house, TV and polishing shoes and washing cars. Things last longer when you care for them and consequently, do not need to be replaced often.


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