7 Easy Ways To Pay Off Your Credit Card

7 Easy Ways To Pay Off Your Credit Card

Posted 2013-03-18 by Joyfollow

I present to you seven simple and easy ways to pay off your credit card without much sweat.

1. Gym memberships

If you do not use your gym membership regularly then scrap the membership and invest in a pair of runners. Turn your mind towards free exercise videos on YouTube, borrow from friends, or start playing a sport. This can save you at least $70 per month.

2. Personal grooming

Try to stretch the time between haircuts, waxing, dye jobs, nail care, facials or just try to do them at home. You could also shop around and try to find salons that will do an equally good job at a cheaper price than your regular salon. Sometimes discounts are available if you become a regular at a particular salon. You could save up to $500 a year.

3. Movie rentals

Instead of doling out $3-$4 for each movie rental, opt for legal and free means of enjoying movies. Swap with or borrow movies from family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours. Keep an eye out for famous and delightful movies being broadcast for free on TV. Befriend various cinemas like Hoyts, Village, Kino and Nova Cinemas on Facebook to take advantage of occasional free or discounted movie offers or partake in their competitions to win free movies. Save around $300-$400 per year.

4. Newspaper subscriptions

Nowadays much of the news can be obtained for free on internet, radio and local free newspapers. Cancelling or curtailing your everyday newspaper subscription can result in $100-$300 savings per year.

5. Landline

If you have a mobile phone, chances are that you rarely dial the numbers on your landline. Getting rid of the landline will save you at least $200 per year.

6. Hobby

Drinking is an expensive hobby, as are gambling and shopping. Try to change or in the very least limit your hobbies. You could consider giving up your expensive and detrimental hobbies and switching to cheaper and more enjoyable hobbies like joining book clubs or bushwalking clubs, volunteering at the Red Cross, starting freelance writing, creating new culinary delights and so forth.

Alternatively, if you can’t switch, swap your daily drinking stints with weekly drinking nights, weekly shopping spells with monthly shopping trips and tempting yet free window shopping.

7. Late Fees

This very moment, in this very hour, touch your heart and solemnly promise that you will pay all your dues on time and will never ever pay late fines or penalties. If all are taken into account, including your credit card interests, you could be saving a whopping $1000 or more in any given year.

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