4 Tips To Save On Movies

4 Tips To Save On Movies

Posted 2013-03-04 by Joyfollow

Watching movies is a major recreational activity for many people around the globe. However, a trip to the cinemas is by no means cheap and can pose a significant expense in our monthly and yearly budgets. Implementing some smart strategies can actively assist you in slashing your movie expenditures for good.

Here are some highly effective tips and tricks to enjoy movies, on a budget.

1. Freebies

The best way to save money on movies is of course to watch them for free. There are a wide array of legal ways to enjoy a movie including borrowing movies from friends, families and local public libraries. TV along with Foxtel often telecasts famous, interesting and sought after movies. Sometimes various organisations give out free movies on certain occasions. For instance, Colgate recently ran a promotion where with the purchase of 2 Colgate toothpastes you could score 1 Hoyts movie ticket. The key is to be proactive in order to enjoy movies on the house.

2. Frugal Tuesdays

Hoyts offers special rates on Tuesdays with normal movies costing $11 while 3D will require an extra $3 unless you want to add 3D glasses which will be $1 per pair.

3. Memberships

If you are a film buff and enjoy regularly frequenting the cinemas then you should consider becoming a valued member of the various cinemas. Hoyts offers special member movies on Tuesdays for $10 while student members get to tuck in with $7.50 movies on Mondays. You will have to fork out $10 for an annual membership which also includes one free movie ticket. Similarly, Village Cinemas offers its members $10 weekly movies, one free movie for every 10 movies and so forth. Moreover, it is free to join Village.

4. Competitions

Competitions are some great ways to enjoy free movies. Of course winning in competitions is a matter of luck and skill but so are many things in life. On the balance of probabilities, competitions requiring skills carry a higher chance of returning a positive outcome as opposed to competitions requiring luck.

Competitions requiring skills are essentially sweepstakes which mandate an entry of 25-50 words and could be won should you possess a flair for words and a witty sense of humour. Further, people in general do not treat competitions of skills favourably thus, increasing your chances of triumph. Hoyts and Village Cinemas regularly run competitions where the grand prize is usually a double pass for a movie, with or without other fantastic gifts.

Becoming a Facebook fan of various Cinemas including Hoyts, Village Cinemas, Kino Cinemas, Nova Cinemas will make you privy to all the latest movie competitions. You should also visit their official websites on a regular basis to learn about new competitions.

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