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5 Reasons To Save Money

by Justine Crowley (follow)
Independent Business Consultant, Doctor, HubGarden Editor and Author/Publisher of four self help books: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JustineCrowley

benefits saving money, benefits of saving money, save money
Nothing happens until someone starts saving money

There always has to be that motivational reason as to why you always wish to do something in life: from buying a house to getting married, otherwise there won't be any inspiration to press along; especially during the tougher, more challenging times. No different to saving money. Asking yourself "Why do I want to save money?" is a great start, and a quality question in itself. These are the five top reasons to encourage you to and to keep on saving money.

benefits saving money, benefits of saving money, save money
No different to how any seed grows into goodness

1. More Choices

It's simple. It is not money that is evil, it is simply the love of money that is the root of all evil in life. Money is simply a tool, an idea, and is energy that responds to your feelings about it in a metaphysical sense. Choice is always better than no choice. If you want to do some extra study to boost your income; to take that well deserved holiday, or even to renovate your house...with money, and a decent financial buffer that comes from consistent, regular saving, miracles begin to flow in your life, and hence more options to allow your dreams and aspirations to unfold into reality.

benefits saving money, benefits of saving money, save money
Let the odds stack up in your favour

2. Make Over Yourself

If you wish to update your wardrobe, or anything that comes with the adage "out with the old, in with the new" is now possible through the seeds that you plant initially. That is by saving your money in the first place to be able to create a brand new you. You don't necessarily have to change your entire wardrobe, yet saving money will enable you to make any other changes to the way you feel from beauty treatments to further education in boosting your self confidence.

benefits saving money, benefits of saving money, save money
When investing, nothing is scary. Just read the fine print first.

3. Money Making More Money

In order to invest, whether it is in a business, in real estate or in the stock market, it is ideal to have a decent amount of money saved up in order to educate yourself on being a successful investor, and by then applying that knowledge and becoming an investor to generate better financial returns on your money, in addition to allowing your savings to simply sit in the bank. Investing, and even borrowing some money to invest can be next to impossible if you are unable to prove that you have some savings behind you.

benefits saving money, benefits of saving money, save money
Not to brag, just to impress upon you the importance of saving your money. Palazzo Versace one day could be possible. Make it happen.

4. More Enjoyable Leisure Experiences

With money, travel and other quality life experiences are always (at least) ten times more enjoyable. It is so awesome to actually eat out at a quality restaurant, and order what you really want without having to worry about the prices of each dish, and also when travelling, it is great to buy something on a whim because you want such an item. It's liberating, and it starts with a buffer of cash behind you.

benefits saving money, benefits of saving money, save money
Be a genie in a bottle and live your life on purpose

5. Engaging in Enjoyable Employment

With a buffer of cash behind you as a result of consistently saving money (no matter how much or how little money you have, and how much you earn); you won't be in such a desperate position financially when it comes to applying for jobs and going to job interviews. Without a buffer of cash, you're more likely to accept a dull, boring, dead end and meaningless job in order to make the quick cash to live on, whereas if you have money saved up, your emotions are stabilised, and you are able to allow yourself more time to assess your options, and only accept a job offer for a role that is more aligned with who you are as a person, and with what talents you are able to offer to the world.

Start small, and yes little piggybanks do grow into some serious cash with time, persistence and patience. It is all worth it. Maybe saving is a new form of spending after all.
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